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I can’t believe I almost fell for this site! So I was on Twitter and received a tweet from some random person. I clicked on the link that was sent to me and it was this site that sold “Louboutin’s,” “YSL’s”, and “Jimmy Choo’s” for cheap! I’m putting those names in quotes, because as it turns out, after reading through the Terms & Conditions on the site… they’re just replicas! Heart broken for a moment, for naive me almost actually believed that I could have owned a pair of those red sole babies for less than $200! Anyway, if you don’t care about knock offs, here’s the link! Hahah

Just Classic!

:) Sandy


vegas bound

Wowwww, I’ve been to Vegas way too many times! But I don’t mind it at all because it just gives me an excuse to shop for new dresses and shoes : ) Yayyy so the dress that I ordered from Lulu’s came on time! I almost ruined it with an iron!!! Thank gosh when the water dried up… the stain that appeared white in the beginning faded away *phew!* Anyway, the dress feels really light… not what I expected… and pretty shapeless hahaha but of course, threw in a belt and voila!!!


That’s the La La Love Dress (in lilac) from Lulu’s that I bought and pictured from a previous post. I’m happy how it turned out and definitely satisfied considering it was like a free dress! Follow them on Twitter or fan them on Facebook if you want to enter their contests! :)

Oh yeah, has anyone seen Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign??? I hate snakes and deathly afraid of them… probably because I had a terrible dream about them when I was young. Anyway, as much as I dislike reptiles… the ad campaign is pretty ridiculous! Ridiculous in a good way!

Photo from Nitrolicious

Arghsss still obsessed over finding a hooded scarf, wedged ankle boot, and now I’m adding a parka to this search! Weather is horrible in Davis and even colder back in San Francisco right now… so stay dry and bundle up!

:) Sandy


Hooooray for no classes on Fridays! So to prepare myself for finals, I decided to go… SHOPPING!!!!!! Hahaha it’s the best de-stressor for me :) I went to eat some hot wings at Rubicon (in Sacramento) with the bf, then headed over to Roseville Galleria (mall) for some shopping! I really wanted to go there b/c I heard that a huge Forever21 opened there. Boy did it exceed my expectations!!!!!!! It was soooo pretty and I definitely want to go back! Here’s what I wore today and pics of some of the stuff I bought:

chictopia: sandym

bow & pearls top ($10)

buckle boots ($30)

Does anyone own those boots? Are they comfortable??? Because I tried them on at home and they seem pretty comfortable for F21 shoes, but then again… I only tried them on for 2 minutes haha. How long before it hurts?!? I already added cushions under the balls of my feet b/c I suck at wearing heels all day, haha. OH YEAH, F21 TWIST TRES PARIS COLLECTION = <3333 I really like it!

Anyway, after shopping the bf and I decided to go to … CHUCK E. CHEESE’s! -_______- We really wanted to play those basketball arcade games… and I redeemed a t-shirt with the tickets that I’ve accumulated hahaha! Then I went to Thunder Valley Casino to redeem my maturity back HAHAHAHA

It’s been a great Friday! & I’m totally not looking forward to finals this coming week! But soon after finals come Winter break!

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:) Sandy