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Hooooray for no classes on Fridays! So to prepare myself for finals, I decided to go… SHOPPING!!!!!! Hahaha it’s the best de-stressor for me :) I went to eat some hot wings at Rubicon (in Sacramento) with the bf, then headed over to Roseville Galleria (mall) for some shopping! I really wanted to go there b/c I heard that a huge Forever21 opened there. Boy did it exceed my expectations!!!!!!! It was soooo pretty and I definitely want to go back! Here’s what I wore today and pics of some of the stuff I bought:

chictopia: sandym

bow & pearls top ($10)

buckle boots ($30)

Does anyone own those boots? Are they comfortable??? Because I tried them on at home and they seem pretty comfortable for F21 shoes, but then again… I only tried them on for 2 minutes haha. How long before it hurts?!? I already added cushions under the balls of my feet b/c I suck at wearing heels all day, haha. OH YEAH, F21 TWIST TRES PARIS COLLECTION = <3333 I really like it!

Anyway, after shopping the bf and I decided to go to … CHUCK E. CHEESE’s! -_______- We really wanted to play those basketball arcade games… and I redeemed a t-shirt with the tickets that I’ve accumulated hahaha! Then I went to Thunder Valley Casino to redeem my maturity back HAHAHAHA

It’s been a great Friday! & I’m totally not looking forward to finals this coming week! But soon after finals come Winter break!

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:) Sandy

Shopping on Saturday!

To make up for the lack of clothes shopping I did on Black Friday, I went shopping today (Sat) with my mom & sis. The day started with a pleasant sunny Saturday afternoon lunch at Naan N Curry on Irving :) MMMMm & I found really close free parking AND Crossroads store moved only couple stores down WOOOOHOO! I didn’t have time to really think about buying stuff b/c I had to meet up my mom.

We attempted to go to downtown SF, but just ended up driving by b/c the crowd was a little overwhelming for shopping. Decided to go to Nordstrom Rack! Love this place! Got 2 shirts: 1. tank top w/longer back & 2. racerback top w/fringed beading! Then dropped by Stonestown to Nordstrom haha & found myself a great deal on a double breasted blazer!

I found a new way to wear scarves! Will take pics of that some other time… anyway, here are some pics of the beaded top & blazer :)

Beaded Fringe Racerback Top ($30)

Beaded Fringe Racerback Top ($30)

Brand: Matty M

Blazer from Nordstrom-BP ($24)

Added a scarf

Brand: Stella Star

I like the lining & split bottom

Anyway, only took pics of these 2 items haha the rest are sort of boring on it’s own! The blazer is a size S and for some reason it’s kind of too big for my liking… but it was only $24!

Oh yeah, I’m so flattered by all these comments from people on Chictopia about the outfit I had posted earlier! *blush* Thanks!

:) Sandy