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I can’t believe I almost fell for this site! So I was on Twitter and received a tweet from some random person. I clicked on the link that was sent to me and it was this site that sold “Louboutin’s,” “YSL’s”, and “Jimmy Choo’s” for cheap! I’m putting those names in quotes, because as it turns out, after reading through the Terms & Conditions on the site… they’re just replicas! Heart broken for a moment, for naive me almost actually believed that I could have owned a pair of those red sole babies for less than $200! Anyway, if you don’t care about knock offs, here’s the link! Hahah

Just Classic!

:) Sandy


Jimmy Choo & leggings

Warning: THIS POST IS GOING TO BE MOTHER-EFFING LONG! Just so I could forever remind myself how ridiculous that day was.

Sooooo I personally looooovee opaque leggings… but my bf on the other hand HATES them. He literally said to me that it makes him not want to be seen with me :( !!!!! Quite shocked from hearing that… but apparently he found a niche of guys who despise leggings on girls and think that they’re repulsive!! That makes me super sad!

I guess one reason that led to his “leggings haterism” is that I wore them to the Jimmy Choo for H&M release in San Francisco and he felt that see-through leggings were inappropriate for cold weather.

Anyway, I know the Jimmy Choo for H&M shebang was SO last week, but I didn’t get to write about it here soooo here goes.

I woke up at around 5 am to drive out to San Francisco. I go to school in Davis… hence the waking up extra early part. After getting ready, I got to the long ass friggin’ line at about 7:30 am… AND I almost ran someone over in front of this long ass friggin’ line LOL (ok not funny actually) Anyway, so I ended up waiting in front of the Ben Sherman store and within 10-15 minutes, the line extended all the way down to where the Apple Store is! (Sorry if these references are irrelevant to you.) SO was waiting there with the bf, until he realized Niketown had some shoe release shiz too… now I’m just waiting alone by myself :( luckily people around me were fun to talk to hahaha finally line starts moving at 9-ish. and OBVIOUSLY at this point you should know that I was not one of the first 160 people to receive bracelets, b/c those people apparently got there the day before and camped out! Love them for the commitment, but HATE THEM FOR TAKING EVERYTHING!!!!!!

So near 10 am the doors were open, people going crazy in the store grabbing everything in sight. I grabbed a sequin cardigan, but heard someone say the shoes were upstairs so I literally threw the cardigan down and ran towards the escalator. That was USELESS, b/c I just ended up in a big crowd of people who didn’t have bracelets to go into that section. Even people WITH bracelets didn’t go in yet! And the non-bracelet people wouldn’t be able to get in until 12-ish. I lost a hint of hope at this point, so the bf convinced me to have lunch. While having lunch my friend who was also there (to get shoes for his gf, how sweet) called me and told me non-bracelet people can enter now! This was around 11:30 am so I finished my meal and hurried my ass back over to H&M.

Here comes the fun part… NOT! Here I am, stuck in the middle of people towering over me. I literally yelled out “this is height discrimination!” Because let me explain… so for us non-bracelet people to go into the Jimmy Choo accessories section, the security just counts up to 10 people per group to go in. And all these crazy bitches were waving their arms, trying to get the security to see them. And people were pushing! C’mon girls… be nice… It was to the point where this one chick’s boobs were all over me that I was at some awkward angle like doing a 45 degree with my ankles awkward! So I just turned around and said these exact words, “Sorry, could you please back up, b/c I’m at an extremely awkward angle. My knees are all weird.” LOL whatever I got my point across and she backed off of me haha

THEN THIS ONE GIRL I JUST WANTED TO MURDER! I was standing to the left of her friend and she was behind me on my left. This girl reached her arm out in front of my chest to drag her ass over to her friend, just shoving her body into mines. UH. RUDE. She looked like she was 13. Shouldn’t she be playing hopscotch or something? Anyway, I guess I’m too passive and I should assume obnoxious and aggressive people at these sort of things…

SO MY TURN FINALLY CAME! A lot of stuff was already gone, but I didn’t wake up at 5 am for nothing! Soooo I ended up grabbing some beautiful black gladiator studded heels (sz 8), 2 bracelets, and a wallet/clutch! Unfortunately I have munchkin feet (sz5-6) and I don’t fit a damn size 8! There were only size 9s left when I was in there… and there were still a whole lot of people trying to get in. Anyway, I just bought everything I grabbed and sold the shoes on Ebay! It deserved a home!

Jimmy Choo for H&M stuff

I hope they decide to restock ONE MORE TIME! b/c I really wanted the sequin top and those gladiator heels! I know they restocked once in New York, but restock for SAN FRANCISCO PLEASE!

What would I do differently next time? Well for one, when I wake up at 5am… I better already be in SF! not driving another 1.5hrs to get to SF! I actually live in SF too lol stupid me

Anyway, told ya this was gonna be a long ass mother effing post!

:) Sandy