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Happy Chinese New Year!

So my mom owns a lot of great clothes! Too bad they’re all a couple sizes too big, but sometimes they fit! For example, this beautiful Anna Sui cardigan was my size! :) It has really pretty embroidered embellishments on both shoulders, sooo of course, I had to wear it out for dim sum today with my family. I wore my Sofft brand shoes again. Very comfortable as usual, except… the lace up part irritates this bone on my foot that protrudes more than other parts of my foot :\ too much information? Sorry! haha

Anyway, here’s what I wore: Anna Sui cardigan, Gucci bag, H&M black pants, and Sofft lace-up shoes.

I actually started taking pictures outside my house, but there were a lot of cars driving by and I got sort of shy and embarrassed… especially because there’s some guy that goes to my school that lives directly across from me and there is someone that is always looking out their window! Creepy much? So I decided to move inside my house to take pictures haha Just remodeled the basement! Can’t wait to move down there and finally get my own room in SF! I think I’ve gotten way too used to having my own place in college, that I need that same privacy back in the city.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Have a semi-planned Valentine’s Day outfit ready, except it’s planned for tomorrow (not vday) and I don’t really have any places to go haha Just an excuse to wear it I guess… Anyway, collect plenty red envelopes if you’re Chinese/Asian!

:) Sandy