My Bad

I am horrible keeping up with blogging!!!! I guess in my head, I wanted to keep this closer to fashion related topics so I’ve been hesitant to write many times… but you know what… a fashion blog without knowing that someone real with a personality is writing it is not a blog and fake.
Anyway, on my Chictopia account I had said that I would post pictures of my other outfits from NYE in Vegas… my bad for not doing so until now!

Outfit 1

In this photo: 1. pewter/gold strapless dress (F21), 2. gladiator heels (cheap store in Sac)

Outfit 2

In this photo: 1. black lace cardigan (Rodarte for Target), 2. purple/black sequin strapless dress (F21), 3. black oxford booties (Nine West)

Outfit 3

In this photo: 1. grey blazer (Marc Jacobs), 2. black dress (H&M), 3. black oxford booties (Nine West), 4. chain bracelet (Jimmy Choo for H&M)

I loveeeee my Rodarte for Target cardigan!!!!!! I wore it almost everyday hahaha oh yeah, sorry if I look like a raccoon… I’ve never really put on any or know how to use eye makeup and that was like my first real experience with it! I try to stay as natural looking as I can I guess. Vegas was fun. Guess who I saw… EVA LONGORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw her outside of her new restaurant/bar/nightclub, called Eve, that grand opened that weekend I was there. She is sooooo pretty (in person and on screen)!!!!!! That totally made my trip worth it!

It feels like almost every person in the world has a blog nowadays. Just recently discovered one of my best friends have had one for awhile… & I didn’t know until now! LOL

:) Sandy


Rodarte for Target

About time I visited the Rodarte for Target collection in person :) Today I went shopping for home decorations to prepare for my cousins from New York that are coming to visit San Francisco for Christmas break slash New Years Eve! I’d totally switch places with them and go to New York for NYE!!!!!! But as I’ve mentioned way too many times… I’m going to Vegas for NYE.

Anyway, soooo Rodarte for Target collection! Even better in person! I love all the tulle and lace! Really wanted the gold dress, but I can’t think of where I’d where that to yet… so I put the dress back down… :( And then saw the black/white/gray sequinned dress. Really wanted it for Vegas, but I couldn’t find my size! Arrrghs! I guess I’ll try other Targets… So what did I end up buying??? The black laced cardigan! I lovessss it! It was the last one, and it wasn’t even on the racks until I saw an employee putting it back on the floor from the fitting rooms haha It’s actually a size too big… but I could work with it :) I don’t have good pics of it, but I’ll post anyway.

Rodarte for Target Black Laced Cardigan ($30)

Detail of the lace on my arm

Laced Detail

Eeeeks I’m so excited to wear it! So many sales all around SF, but it’s so overwhelming that I keep putting it off! I need shoes!!!!!!!!!! Something comfortable that can last me long hours for block party in Vegas! And ugh, I’m still looking for a hooded scarf!

:) Sandy


I applaud bloggers who constantly update their blogs. I, for one, need to be more like them–not be lazy! Well winterbreak is here and boy, it just feels THAT much better to be doing absolutely nothing at home HAHAHA

Since break started, I’ve gone (minimal)  shopping 3 days in a row, went to Dave & Buster’s 3 days in a row, and ate chicken wings from Smoke Eaters 3 days in a row. Weather is quite chilly back here in San Francisco… & I’m craving me some hooded scarves! I saw somewhere that you can find one at H&M, so I was at the one on Santana Row (San Jose) and asked an employee about it. THAT B*TCH WAS UNNECESSARILY RUDE!!!!!! WTFF She should not work in retail if she can’t answer a simple question without an attitude. Anyway, so now I’m back to shopping for a nice hooded scarf.

Anyway, since it’s been cold, I’ve been wearing my (faux) leather jacket all the damn time:

Chictopia: sandym

Damn I look hella emo in the picture hahaha Oh! Those grey ankle boots are awesome!!!! It has a strap that you can unsnap so it becomes a higher length boot! How much did it cost me?? $25!! I love it when I find great deals. Got it from Shotwell (SF)! LOVEEE THAT STORE! I will definitely be going back. It just sucks b/c the store is in downtown SF and I usually drive… and that means parking = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

What else have I been doing? The bf brought me to Christmas in the Park! It was so cute! Hundreds of Christmas trees decorated by the community and plenty of life size holiday themed displays! AND THE BEST PART?? FAKE SNOW!!!!!!! It was actually foam or something, but it was so coool!

I still need to shop for shoes and dresses for Vegas!!!! I’m going for New Years Eve! Meet me there?! Gonna be crazy fun and crazy cold (I heard).

:) Sandy


Hooooray for no classes on Fridays! So to prepare myself for finals, I decided to go… SHOPPING!!!!!! Hahaha it’s the best de-stressor for me :) I went to eat some hot wings at Rubicon (in Sacramento) with the bf, then headed over to Roseville Galleria (mall) for some shopping! I really wanted to go there b/c I heard that a huge Forever21 opened there. Boy did it exceed my expectations!!!!!!! It was soooo pretty and I definitely want to go back! Here’s what I wore today and pics of some of the stuff I bought:

chictopia: sandym

bow & pearls top ($10)

buckle boots ($30)

Does anyone own those boots? Are they comfortable??? Because I tried them on at home and they seem pretty comfortable for F21 shoes, but then again… I only tried them on for 2 minutes haha. How long before it hurts?!? I already added cushions under the balls of my feet b/c I suck at wearing heels all day, haha. OH YEAH, F21 TWIST TRES PARIS COLLECTION = <3333 I really like it!

Anyway, after shopping the bf and I decided to go to … CHUCK E. CHEESE’s! -_______- We really wanted to play those basketball arcade games… and I redeemed a t-shirt with the tickets that I’ve accumulated hahaha! Then I went to Thunder Valley Casino to redeem my maturity back HAHAHAHA

It’s been a great Friday! & I’m totally not looking forward to finals this coming week! But soon after finals come Winter break!

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:) Sandy

Uh Oh

I should’ve done more research prior to naming this blog “Frugal Fashionista” b/c I just saw a pretty well known blog titled this same name… hmmmmmmm… if you see changes, you’ll know why now!

Sooo fall quarter of my last year at UCD really got me thinking about life after college… I’m majoring in Communication & Psychology with a minor in Textiles. I need more motivation to get my butt out there and get an internship or something. I know I’m telling myself I really want to be a buyer, but lately I feel like there’s so much competition nowadays. It just feels like so many people are into fashion now. This is some tough business I need to sort out soon!

Rachel Bilson

I have a total girl crush on Rachel Bilson ever since she appeared on The OC! (& yes, I admit to have watched The OC as well as owning the first season on DVD! lol)

:) Sandy

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

I LOVE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW!!!!!!!! They’re always so upbeat and fun to watch! I’ve watched the show for the last 4 years and I’m trying to find old ones haha. Not only are the outfits bizarre in the most amazing way possible, but the models are also a bonus ;) absolute girl crushing on all the models! I actually missed the first half on tv, but luckily I found it on YouTube (whew!). One of my favorite from this year’s show is the enchanted forest theme! Sooooo pretty! But you know what will be one of my all time favorite VS shows… the last one Tyra Banks was in!!!! I watched that one like 923498327493 times haha

Liu Wen (VS 2009)

Chanel Iman (VS 2009)

So hoooray to seeing Liu Wen and Chanel Iman on the runway, but I think I saw Liu Wen for a split second only for this 1 hr show hahaha Anyway, walking in a VS fashion show is a total dream to me and probably most girls hahah! Who doesn’t want to wear sexy lingerie and a million dollar bra, fiercely stomping on glitter?!! Too bad I’m only 5’3″ and get out of breath from 10 minutes on the elliptical machine…

I kind of wish I still worked at Victoria’s Secret… the employees always did get great deals on the bras! Plus it’s weird… but I really like working in retail. Helping people find things make me happyyyyyy :) Maybe not during the semi-annual sale though… too crazy lol can’t imagine how you sales associates pulled through for black friday! Kudos!

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:) Sandy

Shopping on Saturday!

To make up for the lack of clothes shopping I did on Black Friday, I went shopping today (Sat) with my mom & sis. The day started with a pleasant sunny Saturday afternoon lunch at Naan N Curry on Irving :) MMMMm & I found really close free parking AND Crossroads store moved only couple stores down WOOOOHOO! I didn’t have time to really think about buying stuff b/c I had to meet up my mom.

We attempted to go to downtown SF, but just ended up driving by b/c the crowd was a little overwhelming for shopping. Decided to go to Nordstrom Rack! Love this place! Got 2 shirts: 1. tank top w/longer back & 2. racerback top w/fringed beading! Then dropped by Stonestown to Nordstrom haha & found myself a great deal on a double breasted blazer!

I found a new way to wear scarves! Will take pics of that some other time… anyway, here are some pics of the beaded top & blazer :)

Beaded Fringe Racerback Top ($30)

Beaded Fringe Racerback Top ($30)

Brand: Matty M

Blazer from Nordstrom-BP ($24)

Added a scarf

Brand: Stella Star

I like the lining & split bottom

Anyway, only took pics of these 2 items haha the rest are sort of boring on it’s own! The blazer is a size S and for some reason it’s kind of too big for my liking… but it was only $24!

Oh yeah, I’m so flattered by all these comments from people on Chictopia about the outfit I had posted earlier! *blush* Thanks!

:) Sandy