Rodarte for Target

About time I visited the Rodarte for Target collection in person :) Today I went shopping for home decorations to prepare for my cousins from New York that are coming to visit San Francisco for Christmas break slash New Years Eve! I’d totally switch places with them and go to New York for NYE!!!!!! But as I’ve mentioned way too many times… I’m going to Vegas for NYE.

Anyway, soooo Rodarte for Target collection! Even better in person! I love all the tulle and lace! Really wanted the gold dress, but I can’t think of where I’d where that to yet… so I put the dress back down… :( And then saw the black/white/gray sequinned dress. Really wanted it for Vegas, but I couldn’t find my size! Arrrghs! I guess I’ll try other Targets… So what did I end up buying??? The black laced cardigan! I lovessss it! It was the last one, and it wasn’t even on the racks until I saw an employee putting it back on the floor from the fitting rooms haha It’s actually a size too big… but I could work with it :) I don’t have good pics of it, but I’ll post anyway.

Rodarte for Target Black Laced Cardigan ($30)

Detail of the lace on my arm

Laced Detail

Eeeeks I’m so excited to wear it! So many sales all around SF, but it’s so overwhelming that I keep putting it off! I need shoes!!!!!!!!!! Something comfortable that can last me long hours for block party in Vegas! And ugh, I’m still looking for a hooded scarf!

:) Sandy


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