I applaud bloggers who constantly update their blogs. I, for one, need to be more like them–not be lazy! Well winterbreak is here and boy, it just feels THAT much better to be doing absolutely nothing at home HAHAHA

Since break started, I’ve gone (minimal)  shopping 3 days in a row, went to Dave & Buster’s 3 days in a row, and ate chicken wings from Smoke Eaters 3 days in a row. Weather is quite chilly back here in San Francisco… & I’m craving me some hooded scarves! I saw somewhere that you can find one at H&M, so I was at the one on Santana Row (San Jose) and asked an employee about it. THAT B*TCH WAS UNNECESSARILY RUDE!!!!!! WTFF She should not work in retail if she can’t answer a simple question without an attitude. Anyway, so now I’m back to shopping for a nice hooded scarf.

Anyway, since it’s been cold, I’ve been wearing my (faux) leather jacket all the damn time:

Chictopia: sandym

Damn I look hella emo in the picture hahaha Oh! Those grey ankle boots are awesome!!!! It has a strap that you can unsnap so it becomes a higher length boot! How much did it cost me?? $25!! I love it when I find great deals. Got it from Shotwell (SF)! LOVEEE THAT STORE! I will definitely be going back. It just sucks b/c the store is in downtown SF and I usually drive… and that means parking = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

What else have I been doing? The bf brought me to Christmas in the Park! It was so cute! Hundreds of Christmas trees decorated by the community and plenty of life size holiday themed displays! AND THE BEST PART?? FAKE SNOW!!!!!!! It was actually foam or something, but it was so coool!

I still need to shop for shoes and dresses for Vegas!!!! I’m going for New Years Eve! Meet me there?! Gonna be crazy fun and crazy cold (I heard).

:) Sandy


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