Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

I LOVE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW!!!!!!!! They’re always so upbeat and fun to watch! I’ve watched the show for the last 4 years and I’m trying to find old ones haha. Not only are the outfits bizarre in the most amazing way possible, but the models are also a bonus ;) absolute girl crushing on all the models! I actually missed the first half on tv, but luckily I found it on YouTube (whew!). One of my favorite from this year’s show is the enchanted forest theme! Sooooo pretty! But you know what will be one of my all time favorite VS shows… the last one Tyra Banks was in!!!! I watched that one like 923498327493 times haha

Liu Wen (VS 2009)

Chanel Iman (VS 2009)

So hoooray to seeing Liu Wen and Chanel Iman on the runway, but I think I saw Liu Wen for a split second only for this 1 hr show hahaha Anyway, walking in a VS fashion show is a total dream to me and probably most girls hahah! Who doesn’t want to wear sexy lingerie and a million dollar bra, fiercely stomping on glitter?!! Too bad I’m only 5’3″ and get out of breath from 10 minutes on the elliptical machine…

I kind of wish I still worked at Victoria’s Secret… the employees always did get great deals on the bras! Plus it’s weird… but I really like working in retail. Helping people find things make me happyyyyyy :) Maybe not during the semi-annual sale though… too crazy lol can’t imagine how you sales associates pulled through for black friday! Kudos!

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:) Sandy

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