Black Friday

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Had nice lunch at Loi’s! It’s this vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco. Very yummy pho! Then had dinner at home with my family. Since my family is super Chinese, we only bought a really really tiny turkey and ate like less than half of it LOL We don’t really feast like everyone else haha but it doesn’t matter b/c I already had 2 Thanksgiving dinners with my friends in Davis. Anyway, here’s what I wore to lunch:


Chictopia: sandym


Black Friday was pretty unsuccessful in terms of shopping for clothes. Stayed up all night and bought pretty much nothing lol So my journey starts at 12 am outside Great Mall’s Neiman Marcus entrance so I could rush over to H&M… what is it with H&M and LONG ASS LINES?!?? Anyway, got in walked around and there were stuff that I wanted, but it wasn’t that much discounted from it’s regular prices so I just walked out. Plus 2 days ago I bought 2 items from H&M already haha.

Great Mall had wayyy too many people and I wasn’t in the mood for waiting in long lines to buy a few items so I left and took a nap until other places opened. Went to Best Buy, Target, Walmart, & Kohl’s hahaha & bought headphones, towels, comforter, and DJ HERO!!!!!!! Well technically it’s not mine, b/c my bf bought it lol I think it’s a really fun game… but I also love DDR, Guitar Hero, Rock Band sorts of games sooo yeahhh

I hope everyone else found great deals! I really should’ve just stayed home and take advantage of the sales & free shipping online! Oh well, there’s always cyber monday plus winter sales should be coming soon!

:) Sandy

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