I wish my friends and I would look like these group of girls when we go out!

Then we’d totally stand out. Before I say anything else, I just want to say that I love my friends… but I wish they would dress up more! Not even dress up, but just wear heels out or something. This year, I’ve started to actually wear shoes with heels to school. Not like fugly prom heels, but they’re oxford booties which are quite comfortable and appropriate. But I don’t care how my friends dress to school, but when we go out… I feel overdressed wearing what I deem as casual streetwear!

I attend UCD, and the times that I’ve gone out to the bars and whatnot, girls just wear t-shirts and flip flops! It totally discourages me from putting any effort at all into what I wear when I go out :( Anyway, I sound like such a hater haha, but I promise I’m actually really nice!

my Chictopia page!

:) Sandy

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