Young Fashionistas

Does it freak you out that all these fashion bloggers and well dressed people are getting younger and younger. There are so many people out there that just turned 19 or even younger say under 18 that are dressing way better than me back in the days. I guess I’m just sort of jealous that there’s so much more options nowadays and trends that are driving towards chic and vintage.

But other than the clothes, either I just have an extreme case of the Asians-looking-like-little-girls-forever syndrome or everyone else just looks so much older than me when they’re actually younger by years! Oh well, whether they’re younger or older, these fashionable girls still inspire people, and I admire that. *Applause*

I need to update my Chictopia!!!!! But I don’t have a photographer at 7am in the morning :(

:) Sandy

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