This might be old news to many of you, but my Textiles professor mass emailed this article to my class:

Let me summarize: French Vogue did a spread with Dutch model Lara Stone and blackfaced her. What this means is that the model is painted with dark/brown makeup that makes her appear African. She’s also dressed up in a native/traditional African style.

So the question: is it fashion or is it racist?

I absolutely agree with what was said in the video that was embedded into that article. There are plenty of black models out there! People are already aware that there aren’t as many black models in Vogue than white models. And to blackface a white model is a huge diss in my opinion. I mean I guess I could see how it could be creative or for fashion purposes, but that’s like saying a counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbag looks and feels better than the real Louis Vuitton handbag.

Okayyyy, hooray for a second a post. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to write more!

:) Sandy

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