Hey everyone I’m Sandy!

Had this account for awhile. Posted some earlier posts on random and retarded topics that was irrelevant to anything and anyone, hahaha. But I’m here to try this blogging thang again. Why? Well… let’s do this in bullet points so I don’t have to type out complete/grammatically correct sentences :)

– to learn how to use blogs efficiently
– learn those tech-jargon (HTML… that’s as far as my vocab goes)
– hopefully writing more = less brain farts when it comes to communicating through writing
– my insights on fashion trends/bad trends
– updates on my life here & there
– random ramblings… why not?

But yeah… don’t think I really have a direction in where my blog is heading yet. Trial and error right?

Anyway, don’t know if I’m going to keep the title “Frugal Fashionista”, but we’ll see how this goes. Why did I choose that title? Well, like most college students, money IS an issue. HUGE SAD FACE :( It’s just not practical for me to wear designer stuff to school everyday. Especially not where I attend school… UC Davis. I know I shouldn’t care, but who doesn’t! Heeled shoes just aren’t practical for school, even if it makes my outfit look infinitely better!

I love shopping! Bargains and sales are to die for, hahaha!

Okay folks, check me out on Chictopia!
I have a account too, but I’m just going to focus on Chictopia first :)

:) Sandy

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